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Key Finder


The wireless finder comes with Bluetooth 5.0 and accelerometer sensors that are thin and can be attached to keyrings or simply attached to any item of your choice. The maximum range is 100 feet of open space. Whenever your luggage is moved, the device will ring an alarm to alert you about the event.

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Key Finder

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Simplify your life & never lose a thing!

Designed for all your valuables

Anti-lost for keys, wallet, luggage, pets, bags, and any other stuff you want to protect. Once it connects to your belongings, finding them is easy by simply ringing them with the mobile app.

Attach It

Attach a key finder to your important belongings and connect it to the iOs or Android app.

Ring It

Ring your key finder from your phone. Key finder will play a loud ringtone until you find it.

Find It

Find your valuables by following the key finder's ringtone or see its location on your map.
  • Connectivity Bluetooth 5
  • App Compatibility Both Android & iOS
  • Range 30meters
  • Volume +90dB
  • Battery 1*CR2032 (210mAh)
  • Replaceable Yes
  • Operating Temperature -20°C to +70°C (Battery limit)
  • Material ABS plastic housing
  • Dimensions 45mm x 45mm x 6.5mm
  • Battery life Up to 12months
  • Warranty 2 years warranty with DFS Care™

Q. How long is the battery life of a device?

If it device uses to calling 10 minutes per day(about 20 times/day), the estimated battery life is around one year.

Q. What is working range of the device to connect with the mobile phone?

The recommended range is 30-50 meters in the open space otherwise device will be disconnected.

Q. How to find the lost items with the help of device?

There are two ways to find your items that have been attached to your device. The first one is to track the ringtone from your device. Besides, you can search the location record on the map in the bottom bar.

Q. How to turn on/off the device?

Under the power-on mode, long-press the button on your device, and there will be one beep sound and steady blud light lasting 3-5 seconds. On the other hand, if the device is under the power-off mode, there will be one beep sound and five times blue light blinking.

Q. What is the Bidirectional Anti-lost?

When the Bidirectional Anti-lost function is turned on, your mobile phone and your device will both remind you if they disconnected. However, if the function is turned off, neither of them will alert when disconnected.

Q. How many device can be bound on one mobile phone?

One mobile phone can bind up to 5 devices at most. If binding more than 5 devices, the connection will be failed or unstable.

Q. What is the warranty of the device?

It comes with a one-year manufacturing warranty.