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Q. What is the free telephonic assessment service and how to avail it?

You can get in touch with customer services to avail our free telephonic assessment service. As part of this service, our experts will ask a series of questions to determine your security requirements and help you build the most suitable security solution at an affordable price.

Q. I want to buy the security grid for my factory, does DFS also provide installation service?

DFS provides the installation service; however, it is chargeable, and charges vary based on the location and actual travel expenses. Alternatively, we can guide you step by step during installation, you don’t have to worry about any settings or configuration and the system comes fully configured and monitoring ready. Please get in touch with customer services for further details.

What is CMS?

Central Monitoring Station or CMS refers to the DFS command center. CMS can connect and monitor any compatible alarm system across the globe; The AI software of the CMS processes a heavy influx of signals. On average, CMS receives nearly 3500 signals in 24 hours from a typical home!

What is a heartbeat signal and why is it important?

A heartbeat signal is a continuous signal which connects the alarm system with the CMS. At DFS, we typically use one heartbeat every 30 seconds. Heartbeat signals never stop and any delay in heartbeat implies immediate attention!

Why is DFS security solution better than SMS/GSM based self-monitored alarm systems?

There are just too many reasons why a self-monitored system is considered much inferior and should not be compared with the monitored solution. We will cover a couple of the reasons here: What happens if you’re in a business meeting and your phone is at your desk on silent? Do you travel for work? If you’re on an airplane you obviously won’t have access to your security system? Do you go for runs or exercise, Is your phone with you during your entire workout? Point is - your phone probably isn’t attached to your hip 24/7. That’s why having a professional at a central monitoring station looking out for your safety is important. They can watch over your family and home when you’re unable to. More importantly, the real difference is in the underlying technology. The self-monitoring system typically depends on the GSM sim card or WIFI/router connection and is not built to provide continuous connectivity. They do not use proprietary protocols and backup methods. For example, an emergency text message may take hours during peak traffic (such as New year or Christmas eve)! On the other hand, the security grid is designed to be connected continuously and is 24X7 monitored.

Why should you choose DFS Security Grid?

There are few other companies who offer security alarm systems, but a security alarm system alone is not effective. Here at DFS, we have our own Central Monitoring Station and we provide 24X7 monitoring. Every component of the alarm system communicates with the CMS via the control hub. Every signal - be it low battery, sensor loss, tamper, or simple activation/deactivation of the grid - It all reaches to the CMS within milliseconds. A heartbeat signal is sent every 30 seconds (based on the configuration settings) to ensure that everything is working fine. We use multiple channels to connect with CMS with multiple backup methods for the critical alarm signals. All our packages come with inbuilt M2M sim, so you don’t have to worry about recharge or data subscription plans. Our customer support is excellent, we are open round the clock even on festivals like Diwali, Eid or Christmas. We offer price match promise and an impressive 21 days return policy. There is a lot more to tell but we know you get the idea!

What will happen during power cuts, will the security grid still work?

Power cuts are common in India and the system is designed to handle such situations. While we recommend a continuous power supply, our control hubs have inbuilt rechargeable batteries for the backup.

I don't have an internet connection; can I still use the security grid monitoring?

All our packages come with an inbuilt M2M sim card with necessary subscription plans, our monitoring is not dependent on the WIFI or internet connection or phone line at your home.

I don't have landline connection can I still use the security grid solution?

Yes, in fact, DFS never uses a landline-based monitoring approach! Landline based monitoring is ineffective and obsolete. As an example, the heartbeat signal in landline-based monitoring is typically sent once in a 24 hour unlike DFS, where the heartbeat signal is sent every 30 seconds. Also, communication links in landline-based monitoring are very slow and do not work 20-25 % of the time due to analog technology which forfeits the purpose of monitoring. This method was popular till 1998 due to technological limitations, however, this is completely obsolete and ineffective in current circumstances.

If I have an internet connection, do I still have to use the inbuilt DFS M2M sim card in the control hub?

Technically, if you can connect the Control hub with the internet, you have covered just one communication channel; however, routers or WIFI based connectivity is vulnerable. A router will stop working during a power failure, which means a burglar can compromise your security just by cutting the power supply of your home; also, the internet bandwidth will fluctuate as the same router will be used by other devices such as laptops, mobiles, smart TV, etc. So, while we suggest connecting with the router, all our packages have the inbuilt M2M sim card for assured connectivity.

What is tamper?

Tamper is a miniature button on the device board. It is released when the lid is opened as well as a result of an attempt to unfasten and/or lift the device from the surface, which initiates an event. When the tamper is released, the Hub sends push notifications and SMS messages (if this type of notification is enabled) to all users of the security system and also communicates the event to the central monitoring station of the security company.

Can I install the Ajax Hub horizontally? For example, on a table?

Yes, as long as the test shows a good enough radio communication. But you will still need to secure the Hub on the table with the provided screws. This is required to ensure the alarm will work if an intruder tries to dismantle Ajax Hub.

Hub is connected to a router, but there’s no internet connection?

Check if both LEDs are lit on the Ethernet port when the cable is connected. If they aren’t, connect another Ethernet cable. If they are, check your router settings. It should be set to DHCP mode.

How do I know if neither communication channels is not working?

The server will notify you of any connection failure with a push-notification. If you’ve activated SMS alerts, the Hub will send an SMS alert. Also, in the Ajax application, the icon of your hub will become grey.

What communication channels are used for the Hub?

GSM as a back-up communication channel and Ethernet (Wi-Fi for Hub Plus) as the main channel. If one channel is temporarily unavailable, the system automatically switches to the other.

How will I know if the battery backup starts to discharge?

You will receive a push-notification. If you’ve activated SMS alerts, you will receive an SMS alert.

Will the hub continue to operate if the power cut is off?

Yes. The battery inside the hub will provide for up to 10 hours of the system operation. In the case of switching to backup power, a push-notification and an SMS-message will be sent.

“Monitoring Station” tab: what is it?

Monitoring Station — is a function used by security companies to configure a Direct Connection to the Hub with the CMS. When the Direct Connection is enabled, the Hub will send events directly to the IP and the port specified in the settings (without the participation of our server).

Why don’t the detector have a signal with the hub through the walls at a distance of 100 meters? The instruction declares 2000 meters?

The maximum distance between the Hub and the detector can reach up to 2000 meters in open spaces. Walls, ceilings, and other structures between Hub and the detector reduce the range of action several times. In this case, the maximum distance depends on the material, thickness, and configuration of the walls.

The detector are not working. They aren’t indicted by the LED.

In Ajax system, detectors’ LED indication turns only in armed mode in case of an alarm. While the detector is disarmed, it won’t blink with the LED in case of actuation. 

I have installed several detectors in one room, but they all show different temperatures?

Each device measures temperature independently with an internal sensor. Air circulation in a room, along with other factors, may cause slight inconsistencies in the measured temperatures. The temperature displayed in the Rooms tab is an average of all the detectors in a given room and can differ from environmental temperature by 2-4°C

How do I add the detector to the system? I can’t find the QR-code?

The QR-code is located next to the power button, under the cover on the rear side of the detector. You can also find the QR-code on the box the device came in.

How do I check if the detector is functioning correctly after installation?

To check that the device is operating correctly, carry out the detection area and signal strength tests.

Why detector goes off even when system is in disarm mode?

Detector is set to Always Active. If you don’t need this level of security, you can turn it off in the detector settings.

Which side of door should the magnet be installed on?

Magnets must be installed parallel to the main unit, on the right side. There is a special mark on the detector that shows where magnet should be placed. The small magnet works at a distance up to 1 cm from the detector, while the big one – up to 2 cm.

After closing the door and activating the detector, there is a notification to re-close the door?

The magnet is too far away from the reed switch. Re-install the magnet closer to the sensor or use a larger magnet. Magnets should be installed parallel to the main unit, on the right side.

Can I connect detector to a third party wired or wireless system?

Yes, you can. The detector is compatible with wired and wireless systems using ocBridge Plus or uartBridge.

How long will it take the hub to detect a communication failure with a detector?

By default, the hub is set to ping detectors every 36 seconds and to signal an alert after 30 undelivered pings. Under these settings, it will take about 18 minutes for the system to recognize a communication failure. You can adjust these settings in the hub settings → Jeweller.

Can the detector be installed outdoors?

The detector is designed to be installed indoors only. Installing the motion detector outdoors can cause false alarms as well as failure of the device. In case of failure to comply with temperature conditions, the battery life may be significantly reduced.

What is interconnected fire protect alarms?

If one sensor detects fire or smoke, then all Fire Protect / Fire Protect Plus (with firmware versions 3.42 and higher) on the premises can simultaneously turn on their built-in sirens.
This feature was recommended by European fire standards, which require an alarm power of at least 85 dB within 3 meters from the sound source. This allows even the deepest sleepers to wake up in case of a fire. And you can quickly disable the activated devices using an Ajax app or Key Pad (by turning on this option in the settings).

  1. To turn on interconnection:
  2. Go to the Hub settings, Service item
  3. Turn on Interconnected Fire Protect Alarms option

What is volume level test?

The test can be launched from the menu:
Ajax app > Devices > Siren Settings > Volume Level Test > Start
It allows you to check the current volume level of the siren and to choose the optimal volume level for the secured facility.

Is it necessary to take the batteries out of siren after the external power supply has been connected?

The connection of external power supply is recommended in order to avoid the rapid discharge of batteries in the case of installation in places characterized by low temperatures or when frequent siren activations are reported. After the external power supply is connected, it is not recommended to remove the batteries from the siren as they act as a backup power source.

Is outdoor siren is protected from water and dust?

The siren has an IP54 ingress protection rating, making it dust and water-resistant. This makes it ideal for outdoor installation. To ensure protection, we recommend cleaning the siren every 6 months.