4 Common Signs of a Shoplifter

4 Common Signs of a Shoplifter

4 Common Signs of a Shoplifter

January 12, 2020


Shoplifting activities around the world are becoming increasingly common. You may believe that only a handful of people are bold enough to walk into a store and shoplift in front of employees and a well-lit shop. However, it has become more common than ever. Several supermarkets in Bangalore, India put their monthly losses to shoplifting between INR 50K to 1 Lakh. In fact, $13 billion worth of goods is stolen from retailers every year. Moreover, only 1 in 11 people will commit the crime of shoplifting at some point in time in their lives.

Fortunately, for businesses, there are some ways they can prevent shoplifting by identifying common signs of a shoplifter. Though these signs do not guarantee that someone is certainly stealing from your business, these signs do suggest someone may be stealing.


Common Signs of a Shoplifter


  1. Big Bags

One of the common signs of shoplifters is carrying big bags to shovel as many merchandise/products as possible. They come inside the store with a big bag and shovel everything they get their hands on. It is literally a very fast process. They get in and out of the store very quickly.

  1. Large Groups

Another common sign of shoplifter is that they work in groups. Thus, be aware when a large group of people common inside your store and causes disturbance immediately. They often try to distract employees and create a cover for stealing products. If they are lurking in corners, you might have something suspicious going on there.

  1. Nervousness

If you find someone inside your store looking abnormal and nervous, there is a good chance they have already shoplifted or are in the process. Picking items in which they have no interest can also be a sign of shoplifter.

  1. Changing Rooms with Fewer Items

Changing rooms are best covers for shoplifters as businesses cannot install a security camera in the room. If someone carries too many items inside and leaves with only a few of them, that is your sign of identifying a shoplifter. Always keep an eye on the number of items they carry inside and exist with.


Final Thoughts


Apart from these common signs of shoplifting, using security equipment is an effective way to avoid shoplifting activities in your store. By installing video surveillance IP cameras in high frequency around the store will help you deter shoplifters. In addition to this, the camera will also help you during police investigation, if the unwanted does happen. Train employees and provide them the information on how to spot suspicious behavior through these common signs of a shoplifter.

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