You are looking for a security solutions but not sure about your requirements

You are looking for a security solutions but not sure about your requirements

You are looking for a security solutions but not sure about your requirements

October 03, 2020

Today, here we are going to explain how to configure your security system requirements.

For example, you have a groud+2 house or 3-4 BHK flat, have 2-3 entry points (Entry points are usually the main door, the door at the rooftop, and balcony doors which can be used to gain the access.) and there are few windows that are not protected with iron grilled. You also need protection from fire and need security cameras as well.

Let me explain how to decide what devices would be needed as per your requirement.

Let’s start with the entry points, so you will need entry door sensors/detectors per entry door. If there are 2 entry points so you will need 2 door sensors. Basically a door sensor for per entry points. Also, we will recommend installing a motion sensor in the common/sitting area and a staircase or landing area.

Remember, you don’t need motion sensors to cover every nook and corner of your house! You need to place them in a way that they can monitor the high traffic area, for example, if a thief enters into your home, he will most definitely take stairs to go to the first floor or will cross the common area – and that’s where you need motion sensors.

In order to protect large glass windows, you need one curtain sensor per window, however, if these windows are in the same room, it may be more sensible to install a motion sensor that can cover the room as well as windows.

For protection from fire, you should install at least 1 smoke sensor on the common area.

We would recommend getting to install indoor cameras. It will be useful to verify the alarm via live streaming from anywhere.

Since it’s a house/flat, we would suggest installing an indoor/outdoor siren, it is optional and you can choose to not have it. However, we strongly recommend 4-6 ‘DFS warning stickers’ to go around the house, you see, a thief doesn’t just jump inside the property, he does his homework first, and these warning stickers can be a very effective deterrent.

You would also need at least 2-3 remote keys to operate the system but if you have a large family where everyone needs access – you should consider adding a keypad near the entry door, so anyone with the code can access the system.

And of course, you will need the control hub which connects all the sensors together and with our central monitoring station!

So overall your requirements look like :

  1. Control Hub*1
  2. Door Sensor (as per entry points)
  3. Motion Sensor (as per floors)
  4. Motion Curtain Sensor (as per glass window)
  5. Outdoor/Indoor siren*1 (Preferably outdoor siren) 
  6. At least 2 Remote Keys

We hope you would have got the proper idea about your requirements. Now time to purchase the best one. So here are the direct links for all three brands.

Ajax –

Nova Pro –

Classic –

If you have any doubt reach us out at 07554926677


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