Demonstration, Assessment and Installation service

What Happens Next

We will contact you within next 48 hours to discuss and confirm the exact appointment time and date which is convenient for you as well as works for our Security Expert. We will also capture any specific needs you may have.

INR 4999/-
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Renew Your Monitoring

Monitoring can change a normal off-the-shelf home alarm system into one of the most effective and robust solution for the safety of your home or shop. Every sensor, every component, is in constant check, always. Our CMS operates round the clock, day and night, to make sure that you are always protected.

12 Months
INR 3500/-
24 Months
INR 6500/-
36 Months
INR 9000/-

Good to know

Whether you choose as a readymade package or customise it on your own, everything come with 1 year free CMS monitoring. This includes data subscription, OTP alert service, maintenance tasks, battery replacement, and health checks. As we say – It’s a service, not just another gadget! And after the free year, if you prefer, we can reconfigure the system to operate just as a standalone alarm system!