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Click on sensors to learn about them.

Click on sensors to learn about them.

impulse wave corner sensor

x A motion sensor uses PIR technology to detect any motion in its line of sight. It comes with tamper function and auto sleep technology to avoid false alarms and is smart enough to know if it's a family pet or thief.

impulse wave door sensor

x A door sensor detects if a door is open. Usually, you will need this sensor on main door and on other possible entry points such as balcony. For iron shutters in shops, you will need shutter sensor which works on same principle.

impulse wave roof sensor

x A smoke sensor or gas leak sensor detects smoke or gas leak as a primary indication of fire or gas leak accident in a house and warns the occupants, enabling them to escape the accident or take counter measures.

impulse wave sensor item center

x The control hub is the brain of the system, this is where all the programming and configuration is done. Like other components, it comes with tamper function and has an impressive 6 hours battery backup and an inbuilt siren.

impulse wave outdoor sensor

x The siren is main deterrent. Tamper function, impressive 48 hours battery backup, and the flashing strobe can make any thief think twice before trying. It produces 120DB loud alarm which can be heard upto half a mile.

We'll guide you step-by-step. We'll pre-program your system and send it right to your door.
You'll have it set up in just a few minutes.

Good to know !
Step 1 This is your starting component

Control Hub ?

The control hub is the brain of the system. It connects with all the sensors wirelessly and communicates with CMS using 3 different communication channels to support the 24X7 monitoring from our central monitoring system. This is a mandatory component.

INR 16500/-
Step 2 Add sensors and components to your system
Door Sensor ?
INR 1500/-
Motion Sensor ?
INR 2500/-
Smoke Sensor ?
INR 3000/-
Shutter Sensor ?
INR 2500/-
Panic Button ?
INR 1000/-
Remote Keys ?
INR 750/-
Outdoor Siren ?
INR 6000/-
Indoor Siren ?
INR 1000/-

The warning signs ?

Warning signs are the most effective way to deter the thieves. All our packages are supplied with at least 1 warning sign. However, it is always better to put extra warning signs to ensure that anyone targeting your house, knows that the house is protected by DFS!!!!

Choose size
12x18 inch 14x20 inch 16x22 inch
INR 100/-

Other Services

You can always get additional sensors to detect Carbon monoxide, Temperature, Glass break, or water leakage. If you have any such requirements, just drop us a message or use the live chat or contact customer services and we will help you find the best solution.

Try our DFS security solution at your home. If you aren't delighted, return within 21 days for a full refund and let us pay for the shipping as well.

Questions? Call us +91 755 492 6677

Your Personalised Security Package

INR /-
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