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Professionally Monitored Alarm System - Security Grid

Choose the alarm system hardware to configure your security grid now



Made in Ukraine and the most awarded system in Europe! For those who want the best

Starting from ₹29,999



An awesome home alarm system which doesn't cause a dent in your pocket.

Starting from ₹24,999



Most affordable 24*7 professionally monitored security syste in India.

Starting from ₹19,999

Camera and Doorbell

Smart Indoor/Outdoor IP Camera and Smart Video Doorbell

Video Doorbell

Two-way Audio-Video Call, LCD display, Weatherproof

₹18,999 /-

Outdoor Camera

Two-way Audio Call, Lights sensor , Weatherproof IP66 Rating

₹14,999 /-

Indoor Camera

Two-way Audio-Video Call , LCD display, Temperature, Lights sensor

₹16,999 /-

Not sure how to choose? Here are your options

Book a 'Demo, assessment and Installation' service or book a online demo or try our alarm system for 21 days at your home

Demonstration, assessment and installation service

Demonstration, assessment and installation service

We will send a security expert to your location along with your security products. 

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Price: ₹4,999 /-
Booking demo

Booking demo

Do you want to see an online product demonstration? Schedule an online demo, our representative will call you on your WhatsApp number and will give the live online demo...

Price: ₹99 /-
Try for 14 days at your home

Try for 21 days at your home..

Why don't you try our products at your home for 21 days for free, got a question? contact us.

Renew CMS monitoring

Existing Customer - Renew your monitoring

Learn more Price: ₹4,800/- Add to cart