Smart Doorbell

Only INR 12999* (was INR 14999)

*Promotional offer, valid until 31st March.

True Wireless Experience

6000mAh removable & rechargeable battery runs about 3 months on normal use with 10 months standby time.

*Also supports normal AC supply

Electronic Anti-Theft Lock

Someone is going to steal my doorbell within first week! We all have had this doubt, not anymore!!

*The bell can be removed only after unlocking from the mobile app.

PIR Motion Detection

A burglar is not going to ring the bell but if he comes anywhere near your door, Smart bell makes sure that you know!

Voice Message Reply

Too busy to answer the door? Just hang up and play a pre-recorded voice message.

Wireless Chime

The indoor Chime makes sure that your guests at the door doesn’t get unnoticed! Cause let’s face it, we all misplace our smartphones 10 times a day!

A Beautiful Experience

Cloudedge App is powered by Huawei Cloudedge platform and delivers an unparalleled easy to use experience with beautiful design.

Clarity with Flawless Streaming

150° wide angel CMOS lens with 1 megapixel resolution, packed with high video compression gives a flawless streaming experience.

Clear Night Vision

The infrared light sensors make sure that it automatically switches into Night vision mode when it’s dark.

Meet iBell


  • Family Sharing
  • App – Cloudedge
  • Pixels - 1.0 MP
  • Anti-theft electronic locking
  • Wi-Fi enabled
  • Upto 128GB TF card
  • 150° Wide-Angle lens
  • 1/4" Progressive CMOS Sensor
  • Night vision
  • PIR motion detection
  • Voice Message
  • Size – 130X59MM

Only INR 12999* (was INR 14999)

*Promotional offer, valid until 31st March.

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21 days free return.

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Q. How can we stop burglars from stealing the doorbell?

This is one of the most common question we have been asked as nobody likes to install such a exquisite device, just to be stolen! That's why this Doorbell comes with an Anti-theft electronic locking system. The only way to remove this doorbell without damaging is to remove the lower battery compartment, which can only be removed by unlocking it from mobile app. So, unless someone has your admin login details for the mobile app, there is no way to remove the doorbell from the frame. Moreover, the doorbell also has motion sensor to notify you in case someone comes close to it.

Q. This doorbell works just with the battery or can it be connected with the AC supply as well?

doorbell has an impressive 6000 mAh battery which can last upto 3-6 months, depending on the uses. However, you can also connect it with the permanent AC supply and you never have to worry about re-charging the battery again.

Q. When someone rings the bell, it will call on my mobile, but what if my mobile is busy or I can not take the call?

With the family sharing function, the doorbell can be connected to any number of mobile device; so if your phone is busy or switched off or you can not take the call, someone else in the family can! Moreover, this doorbell comes with a chime component which is installed inside the home. So, when someone rings the bell, chime makes ding-dong sound to notify about the visitor at the door like any normal doorbell.

Q. What is motion detection? What is the use of this function?

This doorbell has a built-in PIR motion sensor which can detect human movements. This function is extremely effective to stop burglars and thieves from attempting a break-in into your home. So, if you have activated the motion detection from the app, the doorbell will notify you if someone comes near to your door. And you can see if it's just your neighbor's kids playing outside your home or a thief looking for an entrance or trying to break the lock! You can then warn them or call police - the moment burglar hears your voice, he is likely to run for his life!  

Q. What is the angle edge? What is its purpose?

An angel edge is nothing but a piece of metal which can be used to install the doorbell at a tilted angel. Your guests will usually stand in front of the door and the doorbell is likely to be installed on the side wall; so if it is tilted at an angel, it will provide a better view. However, with 150* wide angel lens; its not really necessary.

Q. Is this doorbell water proof?

While the doorbell enclosure is IP65 rated, please note that it should be protected from continuous or heavy exposure from water.

Q. How many days the battery can last , if fully charged?

This doorbell comes with impressive 6000mAh rechargeable battery which can work anywhere between 3 to 6 months depending on the uses. You can check the battery status from the app and you will receive the notification when battery is low.

Q. How to charge the battery in this doorbell?

If your doorbell is connected with the AC supply, you won't need to charge the battery. However, if your doorbell is running just on the battery, you will need to recharge it when the battery is low (you will receive the notification on your app). To recharge, you need to unlock it from the mobile app and then pull down to detach the battery compartment. You can charge it using any universal mobile charger, and it takes about 5-10 hours to fully charge.

Q. Can this doorbell work without a WiFi connection?

No, the doorbell must be connected to the WiFi in order to send the notification to mobile phone; However, even when the WiFi is not working, the inside Chime will ring like a normal doorbell, so it will still do the job! Please note that it's only the doorbell that needs WiFi connection, your mobile can connect to internet using WiFi or 3G/4G SIM card or any other method, as long as your mobile has internet connectivity, you can access the doorbell from anywhere in the world.

Q. Will all users be notified when the button is pressed or when motion is detected?

Yes, everyone who has been added as family sharing, will be notified and will be able to answer/interact with the visitor.

Q. If I just want to see outside of my home even when no one is ringing the bell, can I do it?

Yes, the doorbell provides live feed and you can access it anytime and anywhere in the world and see outside of your home. You can also hear the sound and talk back if required.

Q. Can this Doorbell capture clear video footage even at night?

Yes, the Doorbell features an array of IR LEDs to provide an excellent and clear night vision.

Q. How can I check the battery charge status?

You can check this from mobile app.

Q. What is voice message reply feature?

Like your mobile phone, you can set a voice mail for the doorbell, so if someone rings the bell and if your phone is busy or you disconnect the call without attending, they will hear your pre-recorded voice message. The feature comes really handy when you are expecting any delivery and you are not sure if you can attend the call, just leave a message like "Please leave the package outside my door".