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Our DFS security system's name reflects the most fundamental mechanism of top-notch security and our dependable security system is basically a system of interconnected components and gadgets that secures your property. When a secure zone is broken, our security systems are programmed to carry out certain actions. DFS is a prominent name in the field of Home Security Solutions in Bangalore. We have delivered Home Security Solutions in Bangalore at the best market price with over 1000+ happy clients.

When a security problem emerges in your house, the DFS security system exerts immediate action as the system is professionally monitored by an alarm company. The monitoring provider is also notified, in addition to the high-decibel alarm. To ensure optimum safety, a certified security expert will attempt to speak with the homeowner via the control panel or will call the emergency contact! Contact us today and get effective Home Security Services in Bangalore.

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According to multiple studies, residences without security systems are up to three times more likely to be
burglarized than those with professionally monitored systems, because criminals are opportunistic by nature
and look for easy targets. Contact DFS Home Security Services today and safeguard your property and family!

Check Out The Features Of DFS Home Security Systems

Control Panel

Control Panel

The control panel is a computer that arms and disarms security systems, connects with all installed components, sounds an alert when a security zone is breached and communicates with an alarm monitoring provider

Door and Window Sensors

Door and Window Sensors

Sensors for doors and windows are made up of two elements that are installed next to each other. The gadget has two parts: one that goes on the door or window and the other that goes on the door frame or window sill.

Surveillance Cameras

Surveillance Cameras

Surveillance cameras are employed in a variety of ways as part of our larger security system network. On laptops, smartphones, and tablets, surveillance cameras can be remotely controlled.

High-decibel Alarm

High-decibel Alarm

Home security alarms are loud enough to be heard by neighbors, serve a variety of reasons. First, they notify the occupants of the house that a problem has arisen while scaring away burglars.

Yard Sign and Window Stickers

Yard Sign and Window Stickers

When you put a security sticker in your front window and notice in your front yard, you're informing robbers that your house is properly protected and not a good target for a break-in.

Smoke Detectors

Smoke Detectors

A small quantity of radioactive material is located between the two static electricity plates in ionization-type smoke alarms that are triggered when smoke enters the chamber and reflects light onto the light sensor

Enjoy Complete Peace of Mind

You can have peace of mind knowing that your home is secure, whether you're gone
or sleeping comfortably if you have a home security system in Bangalore installed.
You can also check in on your system from anywhere in the world thanks to contemporary wireless
security systems that are connected to the internet.

Customer Reviews

#1 in Smart Home

DFS is recognized as the leading smart
home security solution provider for five
consecutive years!

24/7 Round-The-Clock Monitoring

Many of DFS professionals are always
available to assist you in the event of
an emergency!

2-years Replacement

Each of our home security systems comes under the provision of a 2-years of replacement warranty against system malfunction and manufacturing defects.

FAQs about home security systems

DFS Home Security will alert the relevant emergency services in your area in the event of an actual emergency. Police, firefighters, and paramedics are among those who fall within this category. Our monitoring team will also make every effort to keep in touch with you until emergency response teams reach your property. When a security breach occurs, our monitored systems normally notify the homeowners (or designees) by text message and email.

On laptops, smart phones, and tablets, surveillance cameras can be accessed remotely. When homeowners are out of town, they frequently utilize this method to keep an eye on deliveries and other service professionals such as carers and landscapers, as well as to monitor the return of children after school. They can also be used to capture any security breaches, resulting in footage of a home invasion, maybe including a pretty sight at the intruders and the vehicle they travelled.

The cost of homeowner's insurance is determined by the risk your home poses to the insurance company. You will pay more if you reside in a terrible neighborhood since you are at a greater risk of theft or burglary. If you have a home security system, the reverse happens. Home security systems in Bangalore reduce the chances of something awful happening to your home. Whether you own or rent your home, this lowers your insurance rate.

DFS Home Security is India's leading Home Security Company offering a plethora of home security solutions and home security services in Bangalore. We are a reliable home security service provider in Bangalore and we have industry-level security solutions that provide top-notch home security aids to our clients. We have 1000+ satisfied clients across India and we deliver security services in all areas in Bangalore. Contact us today and get effective help right away!

If you are looking for affordable home security services in Bangalore, then look no further and contact DFS Home Security- a prominent home security company offering robust home security solutions at the most competitive market price. Contact today and get your customized security system installed for tight protection against burglary, criminal activities and vandalism.