Monitored Home Security Solutions in Hyderabad

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Safeguarding Hyderabad Homes with Precision

At DFS Monitoring Home Security Services in Hyderabad, the safety of you and your family is our paramount concern. Specialising in a variety of security systems for residences in Hyderabad and its neighbouring areas, we take pride in our decade-long expertise, having installed numerous types of home security systems.

Our commitment to your security is reflected in the tailored, efficient, and cost-effective solutions we offer. Whether you reside in a cozy flat or a sprawling mansion, we adapt our security solutions to match your unique needs.

DFS Monitored Home Security Services in Hyderabad prioritises your security above all else. Our customizable security solutions are designed to meet your specific requirements. From the initial security survey to the installation of security equipment, we work closely with you to ensure all your demands are met. Additionally, we offer regular maintenance contracts to keep your security systems in optimal operating condition

Smart Security, Monitored Peace – DFS in the Heart of Hyderabad

DFS Monitored Home Security Systems is a well-established, expert-run firm that provides customers in Hyderabad with a variety of effective monitored home security solutions. We can provide you with an intruder alarm system for your home or a CCTV surveillance system for your business. We have the knowledge and expertise to provide household and commercial security solutions that are second to none, owing to our years of experience in the sector

Remote Control

You can operate your security system from anywhere in the country using the DFS Monitored Home Security app. You can also turn on and off the alarm, as well as view and hear what's going on inside your house

Great Customer Service

Focusing on the highest level of customer service, we establish and maintain professional relationships with our clients so that we can communicate with them directly and openly


DFS Monitored home security's high level of service is the outcome of the efforts of industry specialists who work tirelessly to provide security and protection to your home and business


Verisure is continually on the cutting edge of technology in order to provide its customers with the most advanced and comprehensive services available

Guard Response

Our Alarm Receiving Centre sends a Guard to your house with quick Guard Response assistance in order to double the level of your home protection

Response Within 45 Seconds

When an alarm goes off, our Alarm Receiving Centre evaluates the situation in under 40 seconds and takes quick action to deploy real-time safety measures

Exceptional Features

Instant professional alerts
- In-built M2M Sim Card
- Protects from Fire & Water Damage
- Detects Humans. Pet friendly
- A Cost-Effective Solution
- 24/7 Active Monitoring

How does it work?

Alarm System Installation

Our experienced technicians will install the alarm system in your business premises, ensuring optimal coverage and functionality

Professional Monitoring

Our monitoring centre operates round the clock, monitoring your business premises for any signs of intrusion, fire or emergency in Hyderabad

Rapid Response

Our monitoring centre responds immediately when triggered, contacting designated individuals & dispatching emergency service to your business location in Hyderabad

What Makes Us Stand Out

#1 in Smart Monitored Home Security

DFS is recognized as the leading smart home security solution provider for five consecutive years!.

24/7 Round-The-Clock Monitoring

Many of DFS professionals are always available to assist you in the event of an emergency in Hyderabad !.

2-years Replacement Warranty

Each of our monitored home security systems comes under the provision of a 2-years of replacement warranty against system malfunction and manufacturing defects.

FAQs about home security systems

DFS Home Security is the Best Home Security Company in Hyderabad. We have industry-leading solutions and we leave no stone unturned in offering optimum security aid in critical circumstances. Our home security systems are feature-rich, advanced modular devices that offer real-time protection to your house

At DFS Home Security, you find the best home security services in Hyderabad. We have the best security solutions and an active team of security experts who will offer top-notch security support to safeguard your property.

DFS Home Security is the Affordable Home Security Service Provider In Hyderabad. Apart from ensuring the quality of our services, we also feature the maximum responsibility of our prices to keep your expenses at the minimum.

DFS home Security systems communicate with the control panel or command centre, which is located in a secure area inside the residence. The gadgets and sensors are installed in their appointed areas to defend the area in which they are placed.

Yes! DFS home security system comes with a home automation feature that allows you to integrate the device with smart appliances in your home and you can effortlessly manage the function of those gadgets through smart device control from a single dashboard.