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Home Security System in Kolkata

DFS Home Security Systems ensures optimum safety of you and your family in your home. We provide a variety of security systems for residences in Kolkata and the surrounding areas. We can proudly declare our specialization in this sector for having great experience in installing numerous types of home security systems over the last decade. We will tailor an efficient, fast, and cost-effective security solution for your home, whether it is a little flat or a vast mansion, based on your needs.

Your security is our first priority at DFS Home Security Services in Kolkata. As a result, we provide security solutions that can be customized to your specific requirements. We will work with you from the initial security survey to the installation of security equipment to guarantee that all of your demands are addressed. Regular maintenance contracts are also available to keep your security systems in good operating order. Just give us a call if you'd like to discuss your needs with us. We'll be happy to address any questions you may have.

Presenting The Top-Notch Property Defense Solution

DFS Home Security Systems is a well-established, expert-run firm that provides
customers in Kolkata with a variety of effective home security solutions. We
can provide you with an intruder alarm system for your home or a CCTV
surveillance system for your business. We have the knowledge and expertise
to provide household and commercial security solutions that are second to
none, owing to our years of experience in the sector. Contact the best home
security company in Kolkata today!

We Ensure-

Great Customer Service

Great Customer Service

Focusing on the highest level of customer service, we establish and maintain professional relationships with our clients so that we can communicate with them directly and openly.



DFS home security's high level of service is the outcome of the efforts of industry specialists who work tirelessly to provide security and protection to your home and business.



Verisure is continually on the cutting edge of technology in order to provide its customers with the most advanced and comprehensive services available.

Guard Response

Guard Response

Our Alarm Receiving Centre sends a Guard to your house with quick Guard Response assistance in order to double the level of your home protection.

Response Within 45 Seconds

Response Within 45 Seconds

When an alarm goes off, our Alarm Receiving Centre evaluates the situation in under 40 seconds and takes quick action to deploy real-time safety measures.

Remote Control

Remote Control

You can operate your security system from anywhere in the country using the DFS Home Security app. You can also turn on and off the alarm, as well as view and hear what's going on inside your house.

We Are The Best Home Security Expert In Kolkata

At DFS home security company in Kolkata, our main goal is to provide the best
service possible to our clients from beginning to end. Our highly skilled
experts and engineers will provide expert advice on the design,
implementation, and maintenance of entire electronic security systems. After
the installation is complete, we'll activate the system and give the customer a
thorough demonstration of how to use it.

Customer Reviews

#1 in Smart Home

DFS is recognized as the leading smart
home security solution provider for five
consecutive years!

24/7 Round-The-Clock Monitoring

Many of DFS professionals are always
available to assist you in the event of
an emergency!

2-years Replacement

Each of our home security systems comes under the provision of a 2-years of replacement warranty against system malfunction and manufacturing defects.

FAQs about home security systems

Being the best Home security Company in Kolkata, DFS Home Security is a fully licensed and insured firm that specializes in trespass detectors, Surveillance, and authentication protocols for business and residential premises. DFS Home Security designs and installs your personal security system. We strive to be the finest Home Security Company by providing creative ideas, efficient issue solutions, and meticulous attention to detail.

At DFS home Security, you will get promising services. DFS Home Security will help you build a system that meets your demands, as well as install it and give you a thorough demonstration. We take on a wide range of jobs, from basic domestic chores to large commercial projects, and we provide a free, no-obligation estimate at your convenience.

If you are looking for the most affordable home security services in Kolkata, DFS Home Security is on the top list of providers. DFS Home Security is well-known for repairing and installing high-quality electronic fire and security systems, with years of experience in the security sector. Whether you require a home wireless intruder alarm or a tailored multi-area office space access control system, we can design a solution to match your demands.

DFS CCTV monitors to aid in the recording and surveying of both interior and outdoor locations, resulting in a secure security system. The surveillance videos may be utilized to watch and check for any suspicious activity if a house owner, security guard, or family member suspects a possible crime.

Active ultrasonic sensors in the DFS Home security system generate ultrasonic sound waves at a frequency that is above the range of human hearing. These waves bounce off nearby objects before returning to the motion sensor. The sensor measures the time between transmitting and receiving the signal to estimate the distance between itself and the target. The motion sensor will activate if the signal received is within the defined criteria, informing you that someone or something is near the sensor.