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Home Security Alarm System in Chandigarh

With a monitored alarm system from DFS Home Security Services in Chandigarh, you can rest easy knowing that your family and your home or company are safe at all times of the day and year. As a top digital security supplier, homeowners across the country choose us to protect their loved ones and their homes.

We provide all of the advantages of a large corporation while maintaining a local presence. We rely on word of mouth and recommendations as one of the best home security companies in Chandigarh, thus customer service will always be our first focus. We can provide a better, more personalized service, and we can provide greater value for money.

Offering Industry Leading Security Solutions

Acknowledged as the best security installation service in Chandigarh, DFS Home
Security provides the finest combination of technology, knowledge, customer
service, and value for money. We only offer high-quality security systems,
and our highly efficient solutions help save you overhead costs while fortifying the security.

Reasons To Choose Us

Wealth Of Knowledge

Wealth Of Knowledge

With years of experience in protecting people and property, we have a vast knowledge of all types of security systems. Competitive Price- We provide solutions to both residential and business customers by providing the appropriate products at the right pricing and providing excellent customer service.

All-Inclusive Solutions

All-Inclusive Solutions

We'll discover the best solution for you, whether you need an Access Control System, a Fire Detection System, or a CCTV system for your home.



Every individual in our team is dedicated to providing the finest possible customer service by providing more personalized services.

Value Of Money

Value Of Money

Because of our minimal expense, we can provide better value for money, and we only install the best security equipment available.

Award-winning Technology

Award-winning Technology

Our true strength comes from the combination of innovative technical solutions and highly qualified expert engineers that work tirelessly to keep our promises and earn our clients' trust.

Competitive Price

Competitive Price

We provide solutions to both residential and business customers by providing the appropriate products at the right pricing and providing excellent customer service.

Choose The Best Home Security Services in Chandigarh

When you're connected to DFS Home Security, you can rest assured that you're
being watched over 24 hours a day, seven days a week, whether you're at home or not.
With clever movement detectors, discrete window protection, and perimeter sensors, we can secure your house.
Our cutting-edge wireless technologies comply with all safety requirements, and police forces across the country will respond instantly.
We believe in cutting corners when it comes to offering quality Home Security Services in Chandigarh.

Customer Reviews

#1 in Smart Home

DFS is recognized as the leading smart
home security solution provider for five
consecutive years!

24/7 Round-The-Clock Monitoring

Many of DFS professionals are always
available to assist you in the event of
an emergency!

2-years Replacement

Each of our home security systems comes under the provision of a 2-years of replacement warranty against system malfunction and manufacturing defects.

FAQs about home security systems

As far as quality and affordability are concerned, DFS is your one-stop home security solution. Our home security company in Chandigarh offers the optimum home surveillance assistance by installing top-notch security installations. Contact us today!

At DFS Home Security, you will get access to the best home security services in Chandigarh with quick installation deployment assistance. Our inventory features the best-in-class modern security devices and fixtures that are engineered to offer round-the-clock intrusion-defense protection for your property

If you are looking for affordable home security services in Chandigarh, then DFS home security should be your prime preference. We offer personalized security solutions for your home as per your unique preferences. Talk to our experts and get quick assistance on selecting the best home security solution for your home!

Yes! Investing in your home security System Installation comes with a set of advantages and it is certainly a smart decision to make, especially when criminal activities have reached their peak. It not only ensures the overall protection of your property against intrusion, break-ins, burglary and vandalism but also increases your property value as well as allow you to enjoy insurance benefits on property damage.

As you install Home Security System at your place, our experts will offer complete demonstration and guidance on how to operate your home security system without any hassle or configuring complications. They will also integrate the security system with your smart home appliances to activate the home automation feature.