How Home Security System Works

How Home Security System Works

How Home Security System Works

May 17, 2024

Security systems are getting popular with the decrease in joint family culture. As more and more people start living individually, far from their hometown for higher studies or career. The security of their loved ones stuck with them, whether it’s your children who live alone or your parents who are now retired. Home security system gives you complete peace of mind knowing they’ll be safe even if you weren’t available at that moment.

What is a Home security system? It is a network of integrated electronic devices that work together with a central control panel. It gives you protection against burglars, intruders and home invasion. A home security system usually includes:

How does a security system work?

Security components send signals to the control panel, which is decoded by professionals at a monitoring station. These professionals keep a check on your home 24/7 and send help instantly in case of emergency while also informing you parallelly (if you’ve monitored security). If you don’t have a monitored security system, you’ll be alerted about the mishaps on your device and have to contact the emergency help yourself.  

Now you know how the system works, lets look further in details on each component.

Control panel The control panel is responsible for managing the sensors and activating the alarm siren in the event of a security breach. Control panels use Wi-Fi or cellular data to connect to your smartphone app and the monitoring centre. The control panel also includes a keypad or touch screen for arming and disarming the system, as well as a backup battery in case of a power failure.

Sensors Sensors are placed at entry points around the home, such as doors and windows, and are designed to detect any unauthorised entry. There are various types of sensors available, including door and window sensors, motion detectors, fire, smoke and CO detectors. These sensors communicate with the control panel, which acts as the central hub for the security system.

Alarm Siren The alarm siren is a loud, attention-grabbing device that is triggered when a sensor detects an unauthorised entry. The siren is designed to alert anyone nearby and deter the intruders, as well as notify the alarm monitoring service, if one is used.

Each component is significant to keep you protected. But these components alone won’t guarantee complete safety because you can never predict the future and your availability at the right moment. But with a Professionally monitored security system you can live with peace of mind because it provides 24/7 monitoring with emergency service dispatch even when you’re not available. They inform you with the ongoing things so you don’t have to panic or be in guilt of not acting at the right moment.