Knowing the Home security devices’ facilities can provide you as it is the perfect solution for all your worries

Knowing the Home security devices’ facilities can provide you as it is the perfect solution for all your worries

Knowing the Home security devices’ facilities can provide you as it is the perfect solution for all your worries

November 17, 2021

The advancements in technology these days have touched every aspect of life so much that home security is one of those relatively new phenomena transforming how we traditionally thought about it. In a city, town, or area with low crime rates, one cannot rule out the possibility of burglary, housebreaking, fire, gas leakage, etc., at any given moment. Suppose you are not at home; the risk of having valuables stolen or damaged increases significantly. Every individual wants to keep the precious things in their homes with a free mind. it will only be possible when you keep homes well equipped with Best home security devices. 

DFS stands for digital fire and security services provided by the company. Our company is a new entrant in India’s security and surveillance market, and we have some incredible security devices.

Running from India, we have strong ties with DFS UK and AJAX Ukraine. The company offers a wide range of integrated security systems; all products are developed based on deep R&D insights, product design, and solution development. The company seeks to make the best Home security system in India more affordable and accessible to everyone.

If you have pets, a bedridden patient, a senior citizen, or a child at home, it is a significantly greater reason for stress. From keeping a tab on your nursery to passage/leave focuses in the house and from your storage spaces to rooms, a wise home security arrangement has turned into a need rather than an extravagance that only high-class or elite could bear previously. There are a variety of security frameworks available, and the most crucial thing to know is how to pick the best home security framework according to the individual requirement. In this way, here’s the full lowdown on current home security. 


DFS CMS Monitoring

Everyone wants a cost-effective security device for your home security stresses, and the DFS CMS Monitoring is one of the best choices. 

The main question arises how does the Central Monitoring Station work? 

Security sensors and alarms at your home communicate continuously and securely with our Central Monitoring Station (CMS). Our AI software and professional staff process every signal and detect anomalies so that you remain safe at all times. The best part is that you do not even have to take care of the battery problems as even if it is low on battery or any communication issue occurs, monitoring services also take care of all the things.


Ring Video Doorbell 2

The new and improved Video Doorbell allows you to see, hear, and speak to visitors no matter where you are. It is an aidful framework for the ‘eyes and ears that you want at the front gate. You can customize your motion settings, see and listen to visitors through your phone, and conveniently stay in touch with your home from anywhere. Associate the Smart Doorbell to your home WiFi. It will cooperate with whoever is at your front entryway, irrespective of whether you are at home or away from home. Never miss a guest again, and keep your house a safe and secure place for visitors.

The best thing about the Ring Video Doorbell is that it does not matter where on earth you are, as you can see who is standing at your door from anywhere. The original Video Doorbell has now been upgraded with a sharper HD video, improved motion detection, and easy installation around any home — and it’s still affordable

ring doorbell

Answer the entryway from any place

DFS is set to make areas more secure – beginning at the front entryway. With the most recent prestigious Video Doorbells, comfort, convenience, and true serenity will always be at your fingertips. When your security is at your fingertips, you can keep an eye on the home, whether at home or away.

You will never miss out on a guest.

Get continuous notices when guests press your doorbell or trigger the underlying movement sensors. Live on a bustling road? What is more favorable for customers than a customizable security device. Here we provide you with customizable motion zones where you’ll have more control and get cautions you care about most. 

Ezviz Outdoor Camera

The EZVIZ C3N comes with 3-night vision modes and AI-powered person detection capability, providing you with sharp night vision and precise alerts. Never lose your sleep again.

Ezviz Indoor Camera

The TY1 from EZVIZ is equipped with a Smart IR function, which uses advanced infrared (IR) lighting to capture details in dim light. With its 360-degree view and smart tracking …..

Ezviz Outdoor PTZ

The C8C Lite features flexible pan & tilt design to watch over large space, which helps greatly reduce blind spots in monitoring. The camera is well engineered with 1080p video clarity, 

No need to worry about Night or Day as the image will be Crisp and clear.

Now we are providing more advanced and improved image sensors that have amazing night vision, sharp contrast, and then you will never be in obscurity. The best thing about the video call is that whether it is a day or night, it will always show you a crisp and clear image and will never miss a detail even if you are in the dark. The security device can easily see What you cannot see.  

“There are a variety of security products available with DFS at affordable prices. It is not difficult to subscribe to our monitoring service. There is no need to fill out complicated forms or enter into long-term contracts with our alarm systems since they come with free monitoring for the first year! Additionally, everything is already configured and connected, so it works right away. DFS takes care of everything like M2M SIM cards, system maintenance, firmware upgrades, and regular health checks – all under the umbrella of our monitoring services. We also keep all our prices transparent, and there will be no hidden charges or fees”

Each house has its nook and corners, and private spaces which might or might not require security. Over many years, security and surveillance technology have improved substantially. With more consideration being given to the necessity of having a security system at home, at work, or in public areas, these gadgets become more and more relevant to us. In case you have ever wondered what it takes for you to feel more safe and secure, these systems can help either prevent an untoward event from happening or identify the perpetrator instantly.

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