Living abroad & concerned about your parent’s safety?

Living abroad & concerned about your parent’s safety?

Living abroad & concerned about your parent’s safety?

July 15, 2023

Living abroad can be an exciting and transformative experience. It offers the opportunity to explore new cultures, expand horizons, and create lasting memories. However, one of the challenges that many individuals face when living far away from home is the concern for their parent’s safety. It’s natural to worry about your loved ones, especially as they grow older and may require more support. In this blog post, we’ll discuss some strategies and resources to help ease your concerns and ensure your parent’s safety, even from a distance.

Open Communication Channels: Maintaining regular communication with your parents is crucial. Utilise various means of communication such as phone calls, video chats, and messaging apps to stay connected. Regular check-ins not only allow you to stay informed about their well-being but also provide emotional support.

Establish a Support Network: Reach out to family members, close friends, or neighbours who live near your parents. Inform them about your concerns and ask if they would be willing to assist your parents in case of an emergency or provide regular check-ins. Having a reliable support network can bring you peace of mind and ensure that your parents have someone nearby who can help if needed.

Medical Support: Research local healthcare providers and facilities near your parent’s residence. Find a trusted family doctor who can monitor their health and address any medical concerns. Additionally, ensure that your parents have access to necessary medications, and consider setting up reminders to help them stay on track with their prescriptions.

Emergency Plans: Create an emergency plan with your parents. Discuss what steps they should take in case of a medical emergency, power outage, or natural disaster. Provide them with a list of important contact numbers, including emergency services, their doctor, and a trusted neighbour or friend. Having a well-defined plan in place can alleviate anxiety and ensure a prompt response during emergencies.

Technology Solutions: Leverage technology to enhance safety and communication. Install home security systems, such as motion sensors or video cameras, to monitor your parent’s home remotely. Explore wearable devices or smartphone apps that can track their location or provide emergency alerts. These technological tools can offer an extra layer of security and peace of mind.

Consider Home Care Services: If your parents require additional assistance with daily activities, consider engaging the services of a reputable home care agency. Professional caregivers can provide support with tasks like medication management, meal preparation, and personal care. Research local agencies, read reviews, and conduct interviews to find the right fit for your parent’s needs.

Legal and Financial Matters: Ensure that your parents have their legal and financial affairs in order. Encourage them to create or update their wills, powers of attorney, and healthcare directives. If necessary, consult with a legal professional who specialises in elder law to ensure all necessary documents are in place.

Plan Visits and Arrange for Respite: Regularly schedule visits to spend quality time with your parents and assess their well-being in person. If feasible, consider arranging for respite care, allowing your parents to have a break from their daily routines while you are there to provide support.

Seek Local Resources: Familiarise yourself with local resources and support services available for seniors in your parent’s area. These may include community centres, social programs, transportation services, or support groups. Connecting your parents with such resources can help them stay active, engaged, and socially connected.

Home Safety Measures: Assess the safety of your parent’s home and make necessary adjustments. Ensure that their living space is well-lit, free of hazards, and equipped with essential safety features like smoke detectors and handrails. Consider hiring a professional to conduct a home safety assessment and implement any recommended modifications.

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