Signs That A Burglar Is Targeting Your Home

Signs That A Burglar Is Targeting Your Home

Signs That A Burglar Is Targeting Your Home

October 11, 2018

To prevent your home from becoming a target, it is important to know the signs that burglars look for when they pick a target. There are many things to watch for but here are a few important things that should immediately make you think twice:

Strangers Snooping Around:

Don’t become paranoid every time a person walks by your house, but if you see someone who is snooping around, make sure to call your police. Do not attempt to confront them on your own.

Random Strangers Knocking On Your Door:

One of the oldest tricks to get into your home is to just knock on the front door. They could ask to use the bathroom or even try to sell you a fake product or maybe they say they need your help. Be wary of any strangers that ask to come inside.

Uncertified Workers:

If you choose to have work done on your home, make sure the workers are certified. In some instances, a burglar may see workers coming and going and use it to enter your home. Make sure you contact the company if you are unsure of a worker’s legitimacy.

Unsolicited Fundraisers Or Religious Workers

A twelve-year-old girl selling Girl Scout cookies isn’t going to be a threat to your home, but other solicitors should always be treated with caution. Burglars are looking for an opportunity to see the inside of your home. Always check who is knocking before you open the door to a stranger and remember you are not obligated to open your door for anyone.

You See Someone Taking Pictures Of Your Home:

Smartphones make it easy for people to canvass your house and create an intrusion plan. If you see anyone take a picture of your home, you need to act immediately. Notify local law enforcement and document what you see. If possible, take a picture of them as well.

Stickers Or Flyers:

If you’re finding a bunch of stickers or flyers on your front door it could be a potential danger. Burglars will attempt to use this method to see if a home is well guarded or not. This, of course, is not always a signal that someone is trying to break into your home, but it is something to keep an eye out for. If you’re going to be away for a period, have someone watch your home to ensure nothing is piling up on the front lawn.

Strange Markings On Your Home:

Many burglars will use subtle markings to identify a house they are casing. This could be a string placed on the house or the lampposts. If you see an unexplained marking, move it immediately.

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