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Not just an Alarm system.
It is Monitored Alarm system

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Let's learn the basics!


What is an Alarm system ?

A typical intruder alarm system contains a control hub, siren, remote keys and few sensors.

Control hub is the brain of the system with all the programming, Siren is to trigger a loud alarm if something goes wrong, Remote keys are to operate the system, and sensors are to do the main job - detecting an event! For example, door sensor can detect opening of a door, motion sensor can detect unauthorised movement and smoke sensor can detect smoke, there are many other types of sensors you can add based on your needs. Most of the alarm systems sold in India are labelled as ‘self-monitored’, where the system can send a text message or notification in mobile app; It is important to understand that a CMS monitored alarm systems are built using much more advance technology and proprietary protocols to support CMS monitoring and can be used as both - CMS monitored as well as ‘self-monitored’ systems.

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What is CMS monitoring ?

CMS Monitoring connects the alarm system in your home with our Central monitoring station or CMS.

A constant heartbeat signal is sent between ‘CMS’ and ‘Alarm system’ every 30 seconds to ensure that the communication is never broken. So as soon as an event happens, the CMS receives the signal and based on defined rules, it takes the necessary action; for example, if CMS receives an alarm, the operators take immediate action to inform the key holders and other authorities, if CMS receives a signal for low battery in a sensor, operators dispatch the batteries and arrange the replacement. Monitoring ensures that the system is fitted with M2M data service and has multiple backup channels for communication. The crux of the story is – CMS looks after the system installed at your home 24X7, 365 days a year.

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Why to choose DFS ?

Simply because we are determined to give you an exceptional service and the peace of mind you have never

experienced before. We offer 24X7 customer services, so if it’s 2 AM in the night or Christmas eve, you can reach us anytime. We offer price match promise so if you can find another service which has the same capabilities as ours, we will match the price difference or arrange for a refund, and you have 21 days to try the system at your home and if you don’t love it, send us back and we will give you full refund. Just remember - we are not selling another fancy gadget where once the product is sold you will not hear from us again, but a reliable service where we look after our users and systems very seriously.

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What is an Alarm system ?


Click on sensors to learn about them.

Click on sensors to learn about them.

impulse wave corner sensor

x A motion sensor uses PIR technology to detect any motion in its line of sight. It comes with tamper function and auto sleep technology to avoid false alarms and is smart enough to know if it's a family pet or thief.

impulse wave door sensor

x A door sensor detects if a door is open. Usually, you will need this sensor on main door and on other possible entry points such as balcony. For iron shutters in shops, you will need shutter sensor which works on same principle.

impulse wave roof sensor

x A smoke sensor or gas leak sensor detects smoke or gas leak as a primary indication of fire or gas leak accident in a house and warns the occupants, enabling them to escape the accident or take counter measures.

impulse wave sensor item center

x The control hub is the brain of the system, this is where all the programming and configuration is done. Like other components, it comes with tamper function and has an impressive 6 hours battery backup and an inbuilt siren.

impulse wave outdoor sensor

x The siren is main deterrent. Tamper function, impressive 5-6 days battery backup, and the flashing strobe can make any thief think twice before trying. It produces 120DB loud alarm which can be heard upto half a mile.

What happens if an alarm goes off

A sensor detects an unauthorised event such a door opening.

Control hub informs the CMS and triggers the loud siren.

Operator verifies and informs the customer & authorities.

Issue is resolved and logged, operator resets the system.

Heartbeat. Signal of your safety.

It's what we call the constant check-ins we built into the system. It's part diagnostic, part security measure, and 100% awesome, because it means you always know everything's working the way it should.

heartbeat line

The Backup.

When it comes to security of our users, we never take a chance. And that’s why not just one but two backup channels come as standard.

TCP-IP and M2M GPRS with VPN tunnelling as main and backup channels. With additional GSM based low frequency communication as a separate backup.

heartbeat line
motion sensor
Control Hub
motion sensor
Motion Sensor
motion sensor
Door Sensor
motion sensor
Smoke Sensor
motion sensor
Outdoor Siren
motion sensor
Remote Key
motion sensor
Mobile App
motion sensor
Shutter Sensor
motion sensor
Indoor Siren
motion sensor
Panic Button
motion sensor
CO Sensor

Control Hub

The control hub is the brain of the system and connects all the sensors with CMS. It has an inbuilt siren, impressive 6 hours power backup, tamper function, and 3 inbuilt communication channels.