3 Qualities Making Your Business Perfect Target for Intruders

3 Qualities Making Your Business Perfect Target for Intruders

3 Qualities Making Your Business Perfect Target for Intruders

January 04, 2020

If you have not invested in a security system for your business, now would be the right time to do so. The business security system has several benefits to offer for businesses, and no business should avoid the importance of installing such solutions. That being said, while security is crucial for all kinds of businesses, some industries are more appealing than others. For instance, jewelry stores are a high-value target as compared to grocery stores.

Thus, it becomes important that jewelry stores should employ additional security measures to keep their inventory safe and secure. The following are the three qualities that make some businesses high-value targets as compared to others

Quality of High-Value Targets

1. Cash Heavy Businesses

Intruders are more interested in attacking businesses that maintain a large value of money on hand. For example, electronic stores, jewelry stores, and banks are more appealing targets for intruders.

2. Businesses with Known Valuables

Pharmacies, liquor stores, jewelry stores, and electronic stores are all prime targets for intruders, as they all sell high-value products. Intruders can steal as many of these items as they can and then sell it for a profit

3. Businesses Opening Late

Businesses that are open late in the night is another quality that makes them a perfect choice for an intruder to break-in. For instance, bars, restaurants, and convenience stores. Because there are fewer people on the streets and fewer employees to protect, intruders prefer to invade late in the night

How to Secure Your Business?

Your business can prevent intruders and burglars from stealing cash and valuables by installing security solutions. The following are the different business security systems that can help you prevent burglaries

1. Video Surveillance

Video surveillance camera allows business owners to closely monitor all of the activities happening on their property. Even when the business owner is not there, they can use the smartphone device to watch live feed through the IP cameras installed. By placing the camera in the right position, such as windows and entry points, you are adding an extra layer of security to deter thieves. Moreover, place a camera or two monitoring the place where your inventory and cash is stored.

2. Monitored Alarms

By installing a monitored alarm system, you will be immediately notified if an intruder tries to break into your business premises. In addition to this, if you have a monitored alarm system, it is even better. If the alarm is triggered, it will immediately send a signal to the monitoring center. The monitoring center will then notify you and other emergency services immediately including the police.

3. Motion Sensors

By installing motions sensors in the restricted areas, you can rest assured that no one will enter the area unauthorized. And if someone tries to access the restricted area, you will be notified immediately through an alert on your smartphone

Final Thoughts

Business security system offers the much-needed competitive edge by ensuring they do not have to deal with any burglaries. Moreover, it offers peace of mind to business owners, allowing them to focus much better on their business