Home Security Tips For Summer Vacation

Home Security Tips For Summer Vacation

Home Security Tips For Summer Vacation

May 22, 2024


Summer vacation! The word itself is enough to define those endless emotions of joy, relaxation, exploration and lasting memories. India is experiencing this time and as a tradition, many families are gearing up for their summer vacation. Indeed, it’s a time of joy for everyone but for homeowners it is a matter of concern.

Here are some key strategies to ensure your home remains safe and secure while you’re soaking up the sun: 

Inform your family and neighbours

Ask your trusted neighbours and family members to keep an eye on your home. Simple tasks like emptying your mailbox, checking for deliveries or even turning the light on and off during day and night can be really effective. If you think this might be bothering them, just ask them to keep an eye from a distance and contact you if they see something unusual.

Create illusion Use automated lights that turn on and off at night, stop deliveries like newspapers and daily essentials so they don’t pile at your front door. This will create an illusion of people living at home, stopping burglars from targeting your home. You can additionally add an automated watering system for your plants to maintain that illusion.

Unplug electronics Before leaving for vacation, unplug all electronics at your home to reduce the chances of short circuits. This not only gives you peace of mind when you’re away, but it will also reduce potential damage that could have happened. Along with electronics, keep your gas cylinders closed to protect gas leaks or fire.

Secure your valuables Never leave your valuables like gold, cash or important documents at home while leaving for a certain decided duration. You can keep them in bank lockers and safes. Keeping photographs of your valuables is also a great way to recheck if things are at their place or not.

Home security system If you’re not sure about your neighbours or want your loved ones to stay protected when you’re away, consider installing a home security system. A home security system comes with motion sensors for door, windows, smoke and fire, giving you complete peace of mind. Here’s why it is the best choice

- The signals will keep track of unauthorised activities and inform you if that happens.

- The alarm siren will create a loud noise in case of any intruder entry, smoke or fire detection. This will alert your neighbours.

- You’ll be notified on your phone in all cases giving you the authority to act according to the situation.

If you’re still concerned, installing a professional monitored system is the right option for your needs. DFS offers professional monitoring service in India. The professionals will monitor your home on your behalf. It is similar to the concept of having a person at home rather than locking it up. This reduces chances of burglars attacking your home. With busy lives and increasing robbery cases, your home and family’s safety can only be secured with a 24/7 professional monitored system.

Get peace of mind knowing your home and loved ones are protected. DFS professionals keep an eye at your home 24/7, notifying you while dispatching emergency services on your behalf.