5 Benefits of Installing Smart Doorbell Camera

5 Benefits of Installing Smart Doorbell Camera

5 Benefits of Installing Smart Doorbell Camera

December 19, 2019

Installing a smart doorbell camera is a simple and effective solution that can improve the security of your home in multiple different ways. Smart Doorbell Camera has more to offer than what you think, as it offers convenience and a range of security benefits, regardless of whether you are at home or not. Moreover, installing a smart doorbell camera is a part of installing best home security system. The following are some of the benefits of installing a smart doorbell camera.

Benefits of Installing Smart Doorbell Camera

1. An Excellent Thief Deterrent

If a would-be thief approaches at the front door of your home and sees the presence of a smart doorbell camera installed, the thief is going to think twice before attempting to break inside your house. A thief does not target a home that has a home security solution installed including a doorbell camera. Thus, a doorbell camera is likely to reduce the chances of your home being attacked by a burglar

2. Screen Your Visitors

The doorbell camera helps you screen the visitors effectively. You will receive instant alerts when any motion is detected near the door or when someone rings the doorbell. The PIR motion detector of the DFS doorbell camera will notify you instantly if a thief comes anywhere near your door.

3. Speak To Visitors

A smart doorbell camera allows you to speak with your visitors in real-time without the need for opening the door for them. In addition to this, if you are too busy working upstairs or in the kitchen, or are currently outside your home – you can leave an auto-response. DFS doorbell camera allows you to play the pre-recorded voice message. This can be particularly helpful when you are expecting a delivery from Amazon and Flipkart, but at the same time have to go out for important work.

4. Clear Night Vision

It may be difficult for you to recognize the person standing at your door during the night time. However, for security reasons, before you open the door – you must get a clear view of the person before letting them inside. DFS Doorbell Camera offers night vision technology, allowing you to have a clear view before you open the door. The night vision is activated automatically with the help of an infrared light sensor when it is dark.

5. Anti-Theft Lock

If you are worried that thief might steal the smart doorbell camera, we understand where you are coming from. Leaving a valuable thing outside your home in India is giving an invitation to a thief. However, the DFS doorbell camera comes with Anti-Theft Lock functionality. No one except you can remove it from the wall of your home.

Final Thoughts

Installing a video doorbell camera on the front home door is an amazing tool to boost your home security. It offers incredible convenience and effectiveness. The DFS doorbell camera is affordable and can be installed quickly, without causing any disturbance.