How do I choose the best home security?

How do I choose the best home security?

How do I choose the best home security?

December 15, 2019

Shopping for the right home security system can be a tedious and cumbersome process. Chose it badly and in haste, will leave your home unprotected with an expensive set of equipment. However, getting the right set of security systems installed inside your home will ensure your peace of mind for years.

To ensure you chose the best home security system, use the following checklist of essential home security features.

1. Professional Monitoring Services

There are several off-the-shelf home security devices available in the market with smartphone apps to alert you of any activity inside your home. However, having a professional monitoring service in accordance with the installed home security devices inside your home is the best one available.

It offers an additional layer of protection to your home. Should an emergency occur, the monitoring center sends instant alerts to you and other authorized personnel including the police. Chose a home security system that offers 24 x 7 continuous monitoring service, so that you can sleep well at night.

2. Outdoor Security Camera and Doorbell Camera

It is better to be proactive than being reactive. Choose a security system that makes your home an unattractive target for burglary. By installing visible deterrents such as outdoor security cameras and doorbell cameras – you are adopting a proactive approach. Intruders look for security cameras installed outside the home. And if found one, they avoid the homes that have them.

3. Safety from Fire, Flood, and Carbon Monoxide

The best home security system is the one that offers safety not only from intruders but also from Fire, Flood, and Carbon Monoxide. High levels of carbon monoxide and fires are unpredictable and can pose a serious threat to the well-being of you and your family. Thus, by installing smoke and carbon monoxide detectors inside your home and syncing them with the monitoring station – you can be rest assure of a prompt response to avoid and minimize damages.

1. Tamper Proof Solution

While selecting the best home security system for your home, pay attention to how it communicates with the monitoring station and how it sends emergency signals. Some systems are vulnerable to power cuts and stop working when the internet connection is down. Such a system is not reliable.

Look for a security solution that offers a system with a self-sustaining internet connection and battery backup. Such systems can send a signal to the monitoring station even if the internet connection is down or the power is out. Look for a solution that offers tamper protection to keep the system safe from rogue elements


At DFS, we understand what you need to achieve the best security solution for your home. As a result of this, we have built a system that is not only tamper-proof but also offers a solution that acts as an intruder deterrent. We provide a fully monitored security solution with home automation features. Our professional monitoring services takes 15 seconds to contact you and other emergency services in time of an emergency.

Not everyone knows it yet, but choosing the right security system is your frustration-free shortcut to a smart and secure home.