How to create Smart Homes with intelligent House Automation?

How to create Smart Homes with intelligent House Automation?

How to create Smart Homes with intelligent House Automation?

September 01, 2021

With artificial intelligence taking over the conventional operational management system of almost all industries, the construction industry is no exception. House automation is a part of BMS (Building Management System) which can automate almost any electrical device and house system. It primarily deals with the automation of security, HVAC (Heating, Ventilating, and air conditioning), lighting, and audio/video. To keep up with the aim of achieving smart house accreditation, house automation systems can contribute significantly. An interface, mobile app, and voice commands are all you need to govern your smart house. Managing the house systems has never been so convenient and efficient.

What is a house automation system?

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A smart house automation system centralizes the control of house appliances, gadgets, and switches for a secured and efficient flow of operations. Being an energy-saving model, it optimizes energy consumption by regulating and monitoring the devices in real-time. Wireless communication makes it easier for the user to access and analyze any house system remotely.

Mainly there are three types of house automation systems:

Wireless Home Automation

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With a hectic schedule and lifestyle, it is a tedious task to manage house systems manually. House automation has been serving as an excellent alternative that has been evolving with the technology ever since its innovation. Besides automating the primary house services, house automation systems can be customized to control any electrical device and system. Here are some of the practical advantages of an efficient house automation system:

  • Centralized management system: Being able to control all the house systems via a single interface is a significant advantage in itself. All you need to learn is how to operate the app on your smartphone and you are all set to tell your house what to do from anywhere in the world.
  • Remote access to house functions: The most convenient feature of the house automation system is the ability to control the house from a distance. You can switch on the AC before getting home or turn off the lights in case you forgot. There are innumerable situations where a house automation system will come to your rescue.
  • Flexibility: House automation technology is quite flexible when it comes to incorporating new appliances or gadgets. No matter how modern the device is, the automation technology will be able to integrate it with the existing house system. This will help your house be updated with the latest technologies at all times.
  • Optimal house security: Maintaining efficient home security system has never been so easy. House automation systems can synchronize motion detectors, automated door locks, surveillance cameras, and other security devices to ensure maximum house security. You can monitor activities in the house and receive alerts from literally anywhere in the world.

Features of an efficient house automation system

Home Automation
  • Regulates lights to adjust according to the availability of natural daylight
  • Switches off lights and other electrical appliances when not in use
  • Turns on landscape lighting at sunset and turns them off at sunrise
  • Control the music system from anywhere in the house
  • Alerts about who is at the door as soon as the doorbell rings
  • Warns if the front door or any other door or window is open for a long time
  • Allows access to security cameras from anywhere in the world
  • Warns against unusual movement via motion sensor
  • In the case of a security breach, lights illuminate to 100% and lock the doors as per the setting
  • Allows access to guests in case you are away
  • Automatically locks the door after the set timings
  • Alerts in case of a pipe leakage or smoke detection
  • Notifies about the health and the efficiency of all the electrical appliances
  • Regulates heating and cooling systems to maintain a comfortable indoor environment.

Smart automation systems are the future of smart homes without a doubt. Its flexibility and adaptability let you customize your house according to the needs of the occupants. The system keeps coming with the latest updates so that your house always keeps up with modern trends. Contact DFS Services for more details.

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