How to ensure home security from thieves and burglars for your aging parents?

How to ensure home security from thieves and burglars for your aging parents?

How to ensure home security from thieves and burglars for your aging parents?

December 15, 2019

Are you one of those millennials who is having a gala time working at your dream multinational company in India or for a client overseas, but at the same time is also concerned about the safety of your aging parents leaving alone back at your native place in India?

If you can resonate with the above statement, let me tell you, you are not alone in this situation. Millions of young, budding individuals walk away from the comfort of their home and spend the rest of their lives working for MNCs in cities such as Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, and Hyderabad – while their aging parents are leaving all alone without anyone looking after their 24/7 safety.

Thieves and criminals often intent on robbing the home of senior citizens, as they know they are the easy targets. But as their responsible child, it becomes your duty to ensure home security for your aging parents.

So how do you offer home protection for your parents and relatives who are leaving alone inside their homes? The answer is simple – Monitored Home Security System.

Monitored Home Security System

By installing a home security system at your home, not only it will help thwart thieves, but will also offer invaluable assistance in medical and fire emergencies.

At DFS, we understand your needs and thus have created the right solution for your requirements. The DFS Security Grid Solution is tailored perfectly for your aging parents’ safety. It offers a high-end alarm system consisting of different sensors such as Motion Sensor, Smoke Sensor, Door Sensor, and CO Sensor.

This Security Grid Solution is continuously monitored from the Central Monitoring Station (CMS), which is capable of processing millions of signals every second. CMS monitors emergency signals of intrusion, fire, and other severe issues with the help of the sensors mentioned above.

For instance, if the smoke sensor detects smoke – the control hub of the Security Grid solution will inform the CMS and will trigger a loud siren. The operator sitting at the CMS, will verify the situation and subsequently notify the emergency response team for appropriate action.

Thus, even when you are working at your office in Mumbai, there will be someone watching over your parents – ensuring their safety all the time.