How to Protect Your Family from Home Invasion

How to Protect Your Family from Home Invasion

How to Protect Your Family from Home Invasion

April 27, 2024

Imagine a cozy movie night with your family, excited giggles, cheerful environment in your happy place. But this all can be threatened by some unfamiliar sounds, maybe someone walking down your staircase or someone trying to unlock your door knob. Sounds like scenes from a movie but you’d be shocked to know that a burglar or a robbery takes place every 3 minutes (according to India Today). Therefore it is time to reconsider our safety measures. The unsettling thought of home invasion can alone create a sense of vulnerability. However, there are various steps you can take to minimize intrusions. In this blog we’re sharing important measures you can take for a layered home protection.

Deterrence Measures: Empower your Family

The first measure of defense is deterrence i.e. the action of discouraging an action or event. Burglars, thieves or robbers often seek houses that are easy targets, particularly the house with minimal risk. Therefore it is important to create an illusion of a well protected home. This automatically discourages potential burglars. Apart from this, you can implement other measures like: 

Visibility: if you’ve seen the movie ‘Home Alone’ you know how the illusion or sense of visibility is crucial to alert burglars. A house that appears lived-in is always the last target. You can use scheduled lights that automatically turn on in dark, maintaining your porch or garden and even keeping your mail boxes empty.  Signals: displaying security systems such as security cameras, alarm systems, sensors or detectors or even dogs can play a powerful role. They inform the thieves that the home is protected and they would be in trouble if they try to enter your house or harm your family.  Maintenance: maintaining your home’s environment also acts as a signal of occupied residence. Maintain your garden and backyards to stop intruders from finding the perfect hiding spot. This also helps your neighbors to have visibility on you and your family. Acting helpful in case of emergencies. Sturdy Furniture: furniture like doors and windows should never be misunderstood. A solid deadbolt or those sturdy window locks might save your house.  You can also consider adding window bars for layered security.

Security Systems: Protect your Family

While the preventive measures are useful, a professionally monitored security system is ideal for your family’s protection. They provide 24/7 monitoring by experts to save you and your family from unexpected events. The professionals are trained experts who are more reliable than any other form of security. They not only protect your home from invasions but also provide safety in case of fire or medical emergencies. Basically they protect your home like their own.

Why does a monitored alarm system stand out?

Imagine you’re away on vacation and a break-in occurs. The system instantly alerts the monitoring center, who will then contact you and dispatch the police. Even if you’re unable to answer the phone due to travel or an unforeseen situation, the authorities will be notified and arrive at your home to assess the situation. This ensures a swift response regardless of your location. You can always rely on these experts. Home security companies provide you with various options for motion detectors, sensors, cameras and installation process. 


Creating a safe and secure home environment is an ongoing process. Implementing measures mentioned above paired with a monitored alarm system can help you significantly in reducing home invasions. Apart from this, you can also think of a family security plan and be cautious while sharing information on social media platforms. The main goal is to protect your family and deter potential intruders. Don’t hesitate to research further or consult with our security professionals to create a comprehensive 24/7 monitored security plan for your family. DFS is here for you and your family’s protection.