Is CCTV Enough? What’s the Best Home Security System?

Is CCTV Enough? What’s the Best Home Security System?

Is CCTV Enough? What’s the Best Home Security System?

April 10, 2024

Home has always been the place under protection, primarily because we share it with our loved ones. Do you remember how our parents would ensure that someone should stay in the house? Emphasising on only leaving the house empty in really important situations. But with nuclear families it is difficult to maintain that and therefore the chances of burglaries have increased.

The journey of securing our homes has come a long way. It went from fencing around the house to solid structures, modern locking system, security guards and cctv. And? For a majority of the population home security means installation of cctv.

How can one define what’s the best option? Can you put your trust on a security guard? Are you sure his training is enough to save your home? Additionally, it is really difficult to find a security guard who guards your home as his own and possesses the right skill set.

So should you move towards cctv installation? You can call it the same as a security guard, but in this case you’ve to monitor your home. This might be a hectic job for some to continuously monitor their home while managing work or other events at the same time. Thankfully, the industry has evolved with time. Advanced devices such as alarms, sensors and motion detectors have added increased security. The alarm system uses sirens to alert the neighbourhood of burglars. Fire and smoke detectors are useful to detect fires. Motion sensors detect changes in the environment helpful to detect intruders within the facility.

But are these systems really effective? Well, if you’re the one responsible to call the first responders, then it’s not. Even the most advanced home security systems would only be able to send homeowners notifications/alerts. These can only act as witnesses to the crime meaning they are only fit for post crime scenes. So what can one do to protect their homes? Opting for a monitored home security system. Here’s why:

Monitored home security systems provide 24/7 monitoring by highly trained professionals. The system is made up of a network of sensors, including door sensors, motion detectors, interior and outdoor sensors on phone lines, smoke and temperature change sensors, which, when activated, send alerts to the receiving centres. The qualified personnel respond immediately to any accident. They'll notify you of the situation, and if you're not available, they'll contact the appropriate department to do their best. They use a CMS monitoring system to assist in this process.

A monitored security system is the easiest way to protect your home and family. They provide you with peace of mind while respecting your privacy. You select whether or not to continue using the services next month. True to the goal of having a home security system.

The majority of the time, the providers assist you with both device installation and maintenance and repair. They are not in the business of selling products, so you can feel secure with their advice. The recurrent cost of monitoring systems is the only thing preventing people from adopting them, as they are somewhat more expensive than unmonitored systems.

If you truly want to spend in safety and security of your family, you should go for DFS 24/7 monitored alarm system,

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