Monitored Alarm System and How It Works

Monitored Alarm System and How It Works

Monitored Alarm System and How It Works

April 24, 2018

The need for security is an essential requirement in our daily lives. However, if you are out shopping for alarm systems, you are aware of their capabilities such as when triggered by fire, break-in or when your security is at risk. These high-tech features of other alarm systems won’t matter if your system can’t proffer a solution of the breach. The monitored alarm system can help change all that and give you the peace of mind you deserve whether in or outside of town.

What is a monitored alarm system?

Well, it is what it says, monitored. Basically, these alarm systems are controlled and viewed from an external source outside your premises to ensure that your property is safe 24 hours and 7 days a week throughout the year. A monitored alarm system connects to an alarm receiving centre with professional security personnel that keeps tabs on the alarm system in your home and are the first responder in case of a breach in the security system

Why should my property be under surveillance?

We are watched 24/7 of our busy lives, and it hasn’t stopped us from performing our daily tasks. With a monitored alarm system, the benefits are enormous and can be the difference between losing all and saving most

The benefits are

  • Peace of mind: the police can’t keep an eye on your property, but the monitored security crew will ensure safety in your absence
  • First to respond: each monitored area of your property has a signal at their office. When a breach occurs in your house, they relate the exact section in your home and duly notify the police, fire service or the required body to investigate the problem.
  • Full update, no surprises: they will provide you with an update on what is happening to avoid any sudden surprise news from nosy neighbours or friends immediately an incident occurs.

How does a monitored alarm system work?

It is easy; a synergy between the alarm system in your home and the control station of the security provider. The method of communicating is quick and detailed to ensure minimal damage to property. The technical aspect of each monitored system is different for each security providers, but they are better and more efficient than unmonitored alarm systems.

The monitored alarm systems have similar mechanisms with the unmonitored system except for the on guard security system and response team to take the appropriate action. The system consists of a network of sensors that include windows and doors sensors, motion detectors, tamper sensor on the phone lines, smoke and temperature variation sensors which when triggered; alerts the receiving centers.
When the alarm goes off, the control center receives a warning of the exact location and notifies you, the relevant security body, and also contacts the next of kin to report the intrusion on your property.
Installing an alarm system in your home is half the job, having a monitored alarm system ensures the security of yourself and your property. Furthermore, with a monitored alarm system, you are guaranteed that no sign, bells or silent trigger are overlooked, and the appropriate actions are taken.

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