Tips for choosing a home security system

Tips for choosing a home security system

Tips for choosing a home security system

August 27, 2018

Basically, the home is one’s personal niche where you do not only want to feel safe, but you also want to be secured in its realest form. Unfortunately, the rise of burglary is alarming. Many returns from work or vacations only to find their homes or broken into and their valuables were stolen. Besides, emergency outbreaks have so much threatened the home. Now, it becomes needful, not for luxury but for necessity, that every home has a standard security system.

Home Security Systems


There are several home security systems made available in a technological age such as ours. Monitored home security systems interact with a monitoring centre (which notifies the police) immediately the alarm is triggered for emergency (through cell phones or an internet connection). Also, there are advanced home security systems which let you see into your home wherever you are. Unmonitored home alarm systems are basic sensors, cameras and detectors which can be placed on access points to the home. The sensor sounds an alarm whenever there is a break in. This type of security system is easy to install (‘Do-It-Yourself’/DIY installation) and do not need professional charges.

Monitored and unmonitored home security systems can be wired or wireless. While the wired alarm system involves drilling and the connection of wires during installation, the wireless system does not require this. It only demands a minimum distance for the proper functioning of the remote sensors.

Choosing a Home Security System

In your decision to protect your home through security systems, it is necessary to consider certain factors and options in your choice of a home security system. While choosing a home security system:

i. Consider if you own your home or not. If you are a tenant, it is more likely you select a security system which is not in-built or totally fixed to your building so you can take it along whenever you plan to move.

ii. Be aware of the available types of security systems and methods of installation. It is good to know whether you are to hire a professional or it is a system you can install yourself. This will inform your selection and help you plan the cost.

iii. Observe your family composition and habits. Having children or pets that usually roam the house and may fix their hands into objects will do well to inform you of the type of alarm system to install: monitored or unmonitored

iv. Ensure you transact with a company that has a guaranty. You should know beforehand, if your money can be refunded should you be unsatisfied with the security service rendered.

v. Choosing a home alarm system which does not require professional charges will help minimize your costs. However, you should also ensure you choose an option which best suits your security needs.


The home has a lot to do with our everyday life and work. Therefore, the essence of protecting the home from crime deterrence, burglaries, fire and any medical emergency can not be over-emphasized. However, at the same time, it is necessary to weigh every available option and consider important tips in making a rational choice of a security system for the home. We are as secured as our homes.