What can an Alarm system do for you?

What can an Alarm system do for you?

What can an Alarm system do for you?

November 08, 2018

Do you know! that a 24×7 Monitored Alarm System is no longer just a dream in India – it’s now a reality, with the help of DFS Services India.
Imagine you are away from your town or you are just going back to your home after closing your shop, it’s a good chance for a burglar to take advantage of your absence. Or how it would be if you catch a burglar before he catches something precious to you? The DFS Services makes all that possible.


WHAT IS DFS Services?

DFS Services is a security service company designed to keep your home and business safe, DFS Security Grid™ is not an ordinary GSM alarm system! It is a 24X7 monitored security service. The alarm system installed at your home or business is always connected with our CMS, where every event, every signal is received & processed in real time! Even when nothing happens, a continuous heartbeat signal is sent every 30 seconds to ensure that the system is working fine (up to 180 sec, criticality based). 


Every Nine minutes a burglary happens in India. With DFS  24×7 professionally monitored security  service you can prevent it. DFS Smart Sensors are able to detect any unwanted activity and it’s well-trained security experts will inform you as well as local police if required.you Get a best Best Alarm System in india 


Another fire accident is due to happen in the next 30 minutes. DFS Smart sensors alert you if it detects smoke and keeps you safe from any fire incidents.


Panic Attacks

23% of the Heart attacks result in death due to untimely response. DFS Security Service provides you a remote key which has a panic button whenever our security experts will get this alarm they will immediately inform your family members and ambulance if required.

LPG Leak

LPG related accidents kill more women than lung cancer! If you love and care about your loved ones you surely want to see them living safely and securely. With the DFS LPG Leak sensors which are based on the latest technology, you can prevent LPG leak incidents and keep your loved ones safe.


For any kind of emergency, DFS provides you a panic button. In case of emergency, you can press that button and get immediate assistance.
Basically, in today’s world, it is very important to have a professionally monitored system to live life securely and peacefully. Give us a call on +91 755 4926677 for free telephonic assistance or any doubt regarding monitored alarm security systems. Our security experts will be happy to help you


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