Monitored Home Security or Unmonitored Security System

Monitored Home Security or Unmonitored Security System

Monitored Home Security or Unmonitored Security System

March 28, 2024

What Makes a Monitored Security System Different from an Unmonitored System?

Why do we call home our safe place? ‘Home’ is associated with the word ‘safety’ a place where you live with your loved ones whose security is the most important thing for you. Their safety walks us towards the thought of a home security system. There are different types of security systems in the market including monitored security systems, unmonitored and self-monitoring security systems. Let us help you find what’s the best for your home.

Key Difference between Monitored and Unmonitored Security System

Monitored security systems

Monitored security systems provide 24*7 monitoring by experts who are well trained professionals. The system consists of a network of sensors that include doors sensors, motion detectors, indoor and outdoor sensors on the phone lines, smoke and temperature variation sensors which when triggered; alerts the receiving centres. The trained professionals act as immediate responders to any mishap. They’ll alert you about the problem and in case you’re not reachable, they’ll contact the concerned department to do the best. This is done with the help of a CMS monitoring system.

Monitored security system is the most convenient when it comes to the security of your home and family. They keep you at peace of mind while operating within your privacy limits. We work on a no strings attached model meaning no stress of those contractual irritating services. You decide whether you wish to continue the services next month or not. Truly serving the purpose of having a home security system.

Most of the time the companies often help you with the installation of devices with their maintenance and repair. You would be assured with their product recommendations as they are not in the market to sell those. The only thing that restricts people from using monitoring systems is the recurring cost as it is a bit costly compared to unmonitored systems.

Unmonitored security system

Unmonitored security systems also known as self-monitoring systems consist of products that you could either install yourself or with the help of professionals. They only provide you with the equipment such as control panel, motion sensors, cameras, and sirens. You can monitor the activities through your phone and get alerts plus siren sound in case of mishaps.

They are relatively cheap with no recurring cost except for maintenance and repair. Many people end up with these as they’re economical and fall for the mobile/tablet monitoring system. It may seem the best option at first but when it comes to the question of safety and quick response, they are not very effective.

They have the following disadvantages:

● Your cell phone to be charged and work 24*7.
● You’re ready to take the task of monitoring your home.
● Dependency on neighbours
● Worry about false alarms/signals.
● You’ve to compare the choose the equipment yourself.
● Works only when connected to network/Wi-Fi

You may say that your home is secured but it's not. The cost you pay to monitoring home security companies is to have peace of mind with their prompt response. They perform actions that you’d do when you’re away.

Why choose DFS monitoring system?

We work with the prominent alarm system brands assuring the best quality. Providing alert services, system health checks, firmware upgrades, system maintenance M2M sim card and its charges and of course – 24*7 monitoring. With 16-hour battery backup meaning all round security in case of power cutoff. If you’re still unsure, you can get the system installed for your home with 365 days of free monitoring. Contact us to learn more about home security alarm system options and the monitored security system. We offer all types of security systems including Burglar/Intruder Alarm System, Business Security Alarm System and more.