4-Point Checklist to Select Your Home Security Service Provider

4-Point Checklist to Select Your Home Security Service Provider

4-Point Checklist to Select Your Home Security Service Provider

January 26, 2020

There are plenty of home security service providers available in the market that are vying for your business. It is quite easy to go with a service provider who is offering home security solutions at the lowest price point. However, such a decision would not always be in your best interest. Apart from looking at the price offered, the following are the additional criteria to consider while vetting your home security service provider.

1. Quality Technology

Your home security system is only as good and reliable as the technology behind it. Choose a home security service provider that works with the most reputable manufacturer. In addition to this, also opt for a cellular system over a wired one. Cellular systems do not rely on telephone line connection, which intruders can disconnect simply by cutting the wire lines.

DFS works with AJAX, which is made in Ukraine and is the most awarded security system in Europe.

2. 24 x 7 Monitoring

When your alarm system goes off, emergency services such as the police are not notified immediately. However, the 24 x 7 monitoring station will get instant notification, which can then notify fire and police officials. When emergency strikes, every minute is of paramount importance. Therefore, having a 24 x 7 professional monitoring at your disposal is crucial.

Also, evaluate the disaster recovery and backup plan of the service provider. Strong security service provider, such as DFS offers uptime even during power cuts or telephone service interruption.

With DFS there is no need for you to worry about power cuts or internet issues. With battery backup and M2M sim card, the system will work just fine. The in-built M2M sim card ensures continuous monitoring and is not dependent upon the WI-FI or internet connection or phone line at your home.

3. Contracts and Agreements

Do not get consumed in contracts and agreements that don’t have your best interest at heart. Always be cautious about the marketing gimmicks that offer low promises or free services. There is always an additional cost involved somewhere. Know about the contracts and agreements beforehand.

Look at the cancellation terms and refund policy when getting into an agreement with the service provider. With DFS, there is no minimum contract requirements or hidden charges. Moreover, you can get a complete refund within 21 days, is any issues arises. However, that is highly unlikely.

4. Innovative Provider

The best home security service provider is someone who has all the solutions at offering including protection against burglaries, fire and water hazards. Look for interactive services such as smartphone app and basic home automation functionalities.

You might not need all of these today, but you should be able to expand your basic security as and when the need arises, with the same service provider.

Final Thoughts

While price remains a crucial factor in deciding your home security service provider, you also need to have a look at these factors. Follow this 4-point checklist and ensure optimal security for your family.

Get in touch with DFS today, and avail the best security for your home and your family.