5 Benefits of Monitored Home Security Solution for Working Moms

5 Benefits of Monitored Home Security Solution for Working Moms

5 Benefits of Monitored Home Security Solution for Working Moms

December 18, 2019

Being a working mother in India comes with its own set of challenges. Not only you have to take care of your household chores, but you also have to ensure that everything is going as planned, with regards to your office work. Moreover, working moms having kids have an added responsibility on themselves. The safety of your kid, back at home is always on the back of your mind – as you spend most of your time completing the never-ending list of tasks at work.

That being said, home security is the number one priority, especially for working moms having kids. No matter how old or young the kids are – knowing they are safe and secure is the only thing running inside their minds. As a result of which, they always keep dialing numbers to the nanny or someone else who is responsible for their daily care. Bothered with all of this, not only your productivity is impacted at work, but you are always living with a disturbed mind.

Video Surveillance Security Camera

When you have a video surveillance security camera installed at your home, you are always in synchronization with what is happening inside your home. By using the mobile app connected with the IP camera, you can know what the kid is doing at this hour and monitor all of their activities remotely.

There is no doubt that a security camera helps in knowing the status of your kid at home. However, what if you are consumed in a business meeting and cannot monitor your kids’ activities? What if intruders break in your house when you are not actively monitoring? What if a fire breaks out due to a short circuit?

Only installing a security camera will not cut to the chase. You need to have a more prominent and advanced home security solution in place. You need a Monitored Home Security Solution.


Benefits of Monitored Home Security Solution (CMS)


  1. By installing a monitored home security solution inside your home, your kids do not feel alone at home. They feel less anxious and more protective.
  2. Being a working mother, you can always monitor their activity through the mobile application. Even if you are busy, you will know that a professional agent is always having a close eye on your kids.
  3. Kids are less vulnerable to get involved in any kind of intrusion. Moreover, if any breach of security happens, alerts are immediately sent out to you and other emergency services.
  4. To ensure further protection from fire and rising levels of CO, you can also install fire and CO detectors inside your home – as such things can happen without any prior notice.
  5. Even if there is power breakout or internet services are down, the DFS home security solution continues to work seamlessly, with the help of an in-built M2M sim card and longer battery backup.

Final Thoughts

Monitored Home Security solution ensures that a professional agent is always looking over your house. And if anything out of the ordinary takes place, the agent will notify you and the authorities immediately, to take necessary actions. Our professional monitoring services takes 15 seconds to contact you and other emergency services in time of an emergency. Thus, if you want to ensure the utmost security for your kid, the monitored home security solution is the best way to go about it.