Top Smart Home Security System Add-Ons For Improved Home Security

Top Smart Home Security System Add-Ons For Improved Home Security

Top Smart Home Security System Add-Ons For Improved Home Security

January 10, 2020

All home security solutions have some basics in common, but smart home security systems can do a lot more than your regular alarm system. Professional home security solution providers offer add-on products that can be used to essentially customize any home. However, when deciding on a home security solution, most homeowners find themselves unsure of what products will add the most value to their home.

To make the decision-making process much easier, we have broken it down for homeowners to make an informed and confident decision. The following are some of the examples of add-on security solutions that can complete your security system.

• Intrusion Sensors

Intrusion sensors help you to reduce the risk of home break-in or vandalism and offer an added layer of security at your house’s front door.

• Door Sensors

You can install additional motion-triggered sensors near all the doors to receive alerts of any unauthorized movements. The sensor will immediately alert you of any activity, thus allowing you to address the situation right away

• Home Disaster Sensors

These sensors come in handy during the event of frozen pipes or flooding and thus helps to prevent damage before it becomes irreparable.

• Environmental Sensors

Environmental Sensors monitor the air surrounding you and alerts during the event of smoke and rising levels of harmful gases.

• Smoke and CO Detectors

Smoke and CO detectors offer protection poisonous gas leaks and fires. Install such devices in areas such as basements and kitchens.

Home Automation

The best thing about home automation is that it offers convenience and security. Include a home automation solution to achieve a full smart home security system.

• Professional Monitoring

Put your home in home automation mode, by using a professional monitoring service that keeps an eye on your property 24 x 7 and takes necessary actions as and when required.

• Mobile Solutions

Mobile solutions offer you the ability to control all aspects of your home security and automation through your mobile devices. You can even monitor your house in real-time by connecting the IP camera to your mobile device

• Camera Sensors

Increase the visibility throughout your home with the following camera sensors add-ons and build a smart home security system

• Doorbell Camera

Without opening the door get to know the person who is standing on the other side of the door. Doorbell camera can also deter thieves from attempting to break-in.

• IP Camera

IP Camera is the best way to monitor your home in real-time through your mobile devices when you are traveling away. Consider installing them in the kitchen, living rooms and any other room that has entry and exit doors.

Final Thoughts

DFS offers all of these solutions at an affordable rate. Even if you do not decide to have these smart devices at the time, you can always add them in at your convenience. If it is a matter of protecting your family, there is nothing is more important. However, that does not mean your system is just for detecting intruders. The additional peace of mind provided by smart home security systems is priceless.